Adult Prom Offers A Second Chance

A Chillicothe woman who didn't get to attend prom as a teen is getting a second chance.  

"I am a young mom, so I didn't stay in school," said Chelsie Lemaster. "I actually got my GED, and then I went to college for medical assisting, but I just hadn't had a chance to dress up and go to prom."

Helping her niece get ready for her own school dance reminded Lemaster of the opportunity she missed out on, so she began organizing "The Adult Prom: Here's to Another Chance."

It's being held at the Chillicothe Country Club from 6:30 p.m. to midnight on July 8.

"I went ahead and I hired a DJ; we did hire security; there is going to be a red carpet; there will be a photographer," said Lemaster, who added there will be finger foods at the event. 

Lemaster promoted the prom on Facebook, where she saw instant interest from others. In fact, the event sold out with 523 people set to attend the formal dance. 

"The stories that people have ... messaged me -- they told me how much I'm changing their lives, and it feels great," said Lemaster. "Being a part of that is just awesome."

Lemaster said she sold mostly couples tickets at $35 a piece, a fee that returned just enough to cover costs. Next year, she hopes better planning will allow for the Adult Prom to provide a donation to local charities. 

This year, however, Lemaster primarily looks forward to sharing a great time with others and setting an example for her two sons.

"My kids really inspire me to do the things I want to do," said Lemaster, "because I want them to always be able to do the things they want to do."

Chelsie Lemaster

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