Fair Season Underway in Ohio

It's fair season for Ohio's 88 counties, and State Agriculture Director David Daniels said we should be able to see results of a $4.7-million allocation of funds into the state budget for fairground improvements from two years ago.

"We've got people that are building new barns, that are buying new areas for parking, that are doing a lot of paving projects to help the fair-goers have a more pleasant experience when they're out there," said Daniels. 

He reviewed all the of grant agreements, stating he was "impressed and pleased" with the projects.  

Additionally, Daniels said the Ohio State Fair is inviting all former winners who sold at the Sale of Champions to the sale's 50th anniversary.

"Our area of the state is going to be very well represented as people over the years that have raised champion livestock ... are coming into relive those memories of what it was like to walk into one of the greatest parts of the Ohio State Fair."

The Ohio State Fair runs July 26-August 6. To learn more, log onto ohiostatefair.com.

County fairs in Madison, Clinton, and Adams counties get underway this weekend.


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