Ohio Urges Motorist Caution in Amish Areas

posted by Ohio News Network & 24/7 News Source - 

Amish boys wagon

Law enforcement officials are asking drivers to be more aware of Amish buggies in rural areas after two recent crashes, including a fatal collision in Pike County the claimed the life of an 18-year-old woman. 

According to the Ohio Department of Transportation, Ohio has more than 40-thousand buggies on the roadways. They travel at a speed of approximately 8 mph; which is no match for a motorized vehicle traveling at 55 mph or faster. 

ODOT says they receive reports on more than 120 carriage-related accidents each year. 

The girl killed in Sunday's Pike County crash, 18-year-old Barbara Swarey of Waverly, was laid to rest on Wednesday.


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