Scherer Discusses Education Funds & Medicaid Expansion

State Representative Gary Scherer says he's just completed a seven month informal work group study that could lead to changes in education funding. The group of state educators and government officials was chaired by former Ohio Supreme Court Justice Bob Cupp and state legislator and former teacher John Patterson.

Scherer says the study will include recommended changes on how schools currently have to pay some of their state money for students in that district that are going to a private school. Another possible change would deal with funding lost to the public school district that is mandated to transport that student to the private school of their choice.

The Republican lawmaker says the Ohio Supreme Court was correct in their ruling that the state has the right to require on-line schools to provide data that documents students are actually doing work when logged on. He says the state should have been doing more to oversee "E-Schools".

The work group report recommendations to the legislature is due out in a couple of months.

On other government matters, Scherer addressed the decision by Governor John Kasich to expand Medicaid at the state level a few years ago. Scherer says it was a decision he backed to help those needing help getting away from drug addiction, among other reasons. Scherer says the sustainability of that expansion is what the legislature needs to be working on now.

Scherer will be running for his final term to the Ohio House, this fall, due to term limits. Local educator Beth Workman is running against Scherer this November.

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