Ohio University-Chillicothe Dean Says College Education Has Changed

At the height of the recession between 2008-2016, enrollment at many college campuses hit record highs, including Ohio University-Chillicothe. But college education on all campuses has changed in the last decade.

Interim Chillicothe Dean Dywayne Nicely says that has tapered off some - and there's a lot of competition. He also says the focus of the state is workforce development, which OU is working on growing.

He says they have several bachelor degrees, with nursing being the largest.

Nicely says Ohio is also working more with other area campuses of secondary education in order the get potential students all they need to get a degree and placed in employment.

Ohio colleges now operate on semesters for the most part, which means students need to enroll by August and late December to be ready for Fall and Winter semesters.

Dywayne Nicely


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