There's New Evidence Carole Baskin Lied About Her Husband; Baskin Denies It

Back in March, the country was captivated by Tiger King, the documentary featuring big cat owners like Joe Exotic and his nemesis, Carole Baskin. During the docu-series, it was revealed that Carole's second husband, Don Lewis, went missing on August 18, 1997, something Joe accused her of being responsible for. Well 23 years later, Don is still missing, though he was declared legally dead in 2002. Now, his family has hired a lawyer to revisit the investigation around Don's disappearance. They're also offering a reward of $100,000 for information leading to the case being solved. That's brought out a lot of amateur investigators who are doing everything they can to hunt for clues.

What is known about Don's disappearance is that a pair of handwriting experts believe his will was forged. It left his five-million dollar estate to Carole. There have been plenty of rumors too, including one Joe Exotic supported, that Don was buried under a septic system at Carole's animal sanctuary. Well a Facebook collective claims they have discovered a new lead that makes the theory more believable.

Carole had publicly revealed that there are two tanks on the property, but said one was put in long before Don disappeared and the other long after. Well the group found some receipts that show that isn't the case and that one of the tanks was actually put it right around the time Don disappeared. They show a permit for the installation work was pulled on August 4, 1997, and it states that the septic tank system would be completed by August 15, and that a large mound of dirt and sand was delivered to Carole's address on the 14th. This means that Carole might not have been honest about the timeline of the septic tanks' installations.

While the group plans to bring their findings to the police, they might want to watch a video that Carole posted in response to the receipts. In it, she explains that the rumors about Don being under or in a septic tank were started by a disgruntled employee who was fired in 2000. She says that the employee might have had a tank installed in August, but Carole had always thought it was put in months before then. However, she concedes that even if it was put in in August, it clearly would've been checked for a body. She also says that the dirt and sand ordered was likely used for a drain field.

Carole goes so far as to say that if someone wants to put up the money to replace the tank and the drain field, she is more than willing to let professionals dig it all up while the Sheriff's office oversees the process. However, she stated, "I'm not letting some armchair detective use this as a filming opportunity to continue with their baseless accusations."

Photo: Netflix

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