Chillicothe Service Department Announces Christmas Tree Collection Service

Christmas tree pick-up service is being provided to Chillicothe residents. The service runs through January 31st.

The trees will be picked up on the same day as a neighborhood’s garbage is collected. That’s for live trees only. Just place the tree in front of your home with the decorations and stands removed. Be sure not to block sidewalks or place the tree in the street. Residents can also drop their tree off at the city park annex from 7:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

The trees will be repurposed for fish and wildlife habitats. That’s through a continued partnership between the City and the Ohio Department of Natural Resources. If you have any questions, calling the Chillicothe Service Department.

The Chillicothe Service Department last Thursday, December 30th also announced that one of its recycling trucks is currently out of service. For now the Service Department is using one of the the City's orange refuse trucks to pick up recycling. They just want residents to know that despite the refuse truck, items collected will still be recycled.

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