Ross County Grand Jury on Alleged Wal-Mart Thief, High-Speed Chase

The Ross County Grand Jury returned all eight of their cases Friday, with two open.

In one, according to the Ross County Prosecutor's Office, on September 10th, Wal-Mart called police officers to the store because 42-year-old Shawn Dresbach of Toad Hollow Road was there attempting to steal merchandise again.

On September 6th he had been recorded leaving the store with more than a thousand dollars in merchandise, but Wal-Mart could not take action quickly enough...but they had a description of his vehicle.

Dresbach was arrested because he had several warrants on him. For indictments on fifth-degree felony theft, he could get up to a year and $2,500 in fines.

In another, according to the Ross County Prosecutor's Office, on November 20th, Chillicothe Police attempted a traffic stop on an eastbound Nissan Rogue for no license plate lights on East Main Street.

The driver almost struck the cruiser when she turned, accelerated, dropped off two males, then ran through stops on city streets, Bridge Street, and State Route 104...where she reached 70 miles an hour. She returned to US 23 and made her way to East 7th Street where she exited and ran, but was caught.

19-year-old Allison P. Leeth of Maple Grove Road said she did not stop because she did not want her grandmother's car towed.

For indictments on failure to comply, she could get up to three years and $10,000 in fines.

The newly empaneled Grand Jury did not get their traditional tour of the Law Complex because of COVID concerns.

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