Chillicothe Council Continued Setting the Stage for the New Year

Chillicothe Council continued setting the stage for their new year.

After his second session, new council president Joe Gierringer says he is optimistic. He says council is very excited, has a good momentum, will work together, and fulfill campaign promises. He said there is no manual to onboard members, and that they have to "build the airplane as you go."

He said two big goals right now are the review of the budget, and public safety.

Council had no legislation, but Gierringer made committee assignments. (Hear the list below.)

He also met with a technical glitch when a viewer notified council that the Facebook Live feed had no audio. Gierringer said he might consider more up-to-date software like a Zoom live feed, instead of the more cumbersome Facebook.

Past president Bruce Arnold was on hand, like he was last session, but could not diagnose the problem.

Kevin Coleman covers local government and culture

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