"Maximum Height of Grass and Weeds" Fails to Pass in Council

An attempt to correct a part of the updated nuisance legislation failed in Monday's Chillicothe Council session. Julie Preston saw her third and final reading of a revision of the "Maximum Height of Grass and Weeds" fail to pass. It would have changed the height from 12 inches to six.

Five "yes" votes were not enough, with two absences on council, one "no" vote and one abstention. Council president and the Law Director conferred for a few minutes after the vote before determining the vote had failed.

Preston said this was a correction to match other wording that had been passed before, after extensive discussion. She said updating the nuisance codes have been under discussion with the Safety Director, Mayor, and Police Chief since spring.

Grass and weed management was the first of three adjustments to the nuisance ordinance. Preston said junk vehicles and rubbish are the next two, and since the nuisance codes are so broad, it is taking a long time.

This "Maximum Height of Grass and Weeds" legislation has been criticized as being too restrictive of height and alternate plantings.

Preston said she will try again, since two parts of the legislation conflict.

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