Nick Jonas Cries While Performing Highly Emotional Song On Tour

Jonas Brothers Five Albums. One Night. The World Tour. - Las Vegas, NV

Photo: Getty Images

Nick Jonas delivered a highly emotional performance during a recent concert at Dodgers Stadium as part of "The Tour" with his brothers.

The singer-songwriter choked up, fighting back tears while singing the bittersweet lyrics.

This follows a touching moment during their Wrigley Field show not too long ago, which brought Joe Jonas to tears. It occurred when a fan requested that they sing "Little Bird" in honor of her late father.

Joe, visibly moved by the request, paused to address the fan, saying, "This one's for you," before he, Kevin and Nick launched into an acoustic rendition of the song. While singing the chorus, Joe wiped away tears, and the heartfelt performance resonated with the audience.

This emotional display follows another similar incident just a week prior when Kevin Jonas was moved while performing the same "Little Bird" song in tribute to a fan whose daughter had passed away. The fan held a sign reading, "Dedicate Little Bird to My Angel in Heaven," and Joe paused the show to speak with her, learning her daughter's name was Valentina, coincidentally the same name as Kevin's 6-year-old daughter. Joe embraced the fan and dedicated the song to Valentina.

The song "Little Bird" was written for their daughters, and all three of these heartfelt moments on stage were significant for both the Jonas Brothers and their fans deeply.

Before their tour, Kevin acknowledged that he might be the first to cry while performing the emotional song, but Nick believed that the audience might shed more tears than the band members themselves.

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