Chillicothe Council Votes Down Chief of Staff, Bans Feeding Wildlife

Council voted down the mayor’s request to fill the post of “Chief of Staff” Monday evening. After several speakers from the public and a few council members spoke pro and con in this session, the proposed ordinance failed 3-5 at third reading.

Council did pass the ordinance to ban public feeding of wildlife – focusing on waterfowl in Yoctangee Park – also at third reading. Many members of the public had opposed that in the previous council session.

The Chief of Staff is one of several city posts left vacant since the city’s financial duress in 2011.

Mayor Luke Feeney pointed out that city employees who are currently filling in for that post have been working hard to cover duties that would fall under it – including expanded city services like the land bank, applying for grants, covering the city’s social media, and unknown increased needs from World Heritage visitation.

Hear the mayor’s response to the vote in his own words…as well as an introduction of the new city Utility Director, Nathan Prosch, who will be leaving the City of Portsmouth in May.

Feeney said he wants Prosch to work with the current city engineer and evetually create a Chillicothe Public Works Department, combining the engineering and utilities departments – or if council does not agree, to make Prosch the new City Engineer.

Find more in the article on the Scioto Post, including the video interview.

Kevin Coleman covers local government and culture for the Scioto Post and iHeart Media Southern Ohio. For stories or questions, contact Kevin Coleman or the iHeart Southern Ohio Newsroom.

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