The time Lady Gaga kissed me!

I am SO happy for Lady Gaga this week and this year! It seemed like for years gaga was misunderstood to so so many. It's hard to be comfortable in your own skin sometimes but not for Gaga. I remember meeting her for the first time. It was when her #1 song Just Dance came out. She came to San Diego as a new artist. We asked her to perform outside of  the IKEA for a charity toy drive we were doing. As we arrived to the event we knew right away there was something special about her. Well over a hundred fans waited patiently for us to allow them into the performance area. While most of the world didn't know who she was at the time, this die hard fan base did! 

Gaga killed it on our small unstable stage. From start to finish she put everything she had into the performance. She made it known she was here to stay. 

The second time I got to meet gaga was when she was in town for a show. She stopped by the radio station for an exclusive meet and greet with some of her fans. By this time she was well established as super star.  As i walked up to get my picture taken with her I congratulated her on her success and told her that her music was making a difference for so many. I also said because of the great music, it was really helping our station be as successful as it was.  Her reaction was so genuine and thankful. That when she unexpectedly reached over and gave me a big smooch on the cheek! I thought to myself, did Lady Gaga just kiss me!? I am so happy the station photographer was able to capture the moment. I know I will always have the memory in my head but to have it in a photo is awesome!

While gaga may have matured over the years, she hasn't changed who she is. She continues to be a be the voice for so many that cant speak for themselves. I would love to see her win the Oscar next month at the Academy awards. If she does win, make sure you DVR the speech she will give. There is no doubt it will be one for the ages!

Go Lady GAGA!

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