A stranger followed my kids home!

So my kids tell me that a stranger followed them home from the park to yell at them for not picking up after our dog! My daughter(16) took the dog on a walk but forgot the bags. She had no choice but to let our dog handle her business on a non populated area. As she was walking back home she noticed a man with his daughter following her in the same direction. At first she didn't think anything of it until they got to our corner. She hurried inside. At the same time my son(13) was coming home and the man asked him if he owned a Golden Retriever. He said yes thinking maybe the dog got out somehow.This is when the man told him he needed to go inside and tell his sister she needed to go back to the park to clean up the mess. he even went as far as making a point to let my son know he knows our address. This whole thing infuriates me! What grown man in 2019 would follow kids to their house!? I didn't find out until later that this happened. Had I been home when my daughter walked in I would have made a point to tell the guy that following children to their house is a bit stalkerish.

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