VIRAL: Watch what happens to this guy when his WAXING goes WRONG!


I'm American Radio Presenter Toby Knapp. Today, after the show, I got waxed. I did. Straight up Brazilian and I had my head waxed, too, because it creates a smooth sensation which also doesn't require as much of the Moroccan Oil as it does when I shave my head myself.

Sure, some stuff seems very cold now and whatnot. But... it is more comfortable and whatnot. So I like it.

So, I like smooth. But I can't imagine seeing what I am seeing in this video of a waxing sort of challenge which goes completely wrong.

Just watch. It's insanity. And shoutout to HITMAN at C101 in Corpus Christi for the great viral videos he shares. All praise is due unto him. That is all.

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