#COVIDFRAUD: Miami man spent $318k in PPP emergency funds on car!

I mean BABY HAY-SUS...

The SMOKING GUN is reporting the story of this DAVID HINES of MIAMI who allegedly applied for something like $14 MILLION in PAYROLL PROTECTION funds as part of the COVID stimulus. He managed to just score about FOUR MILLION dollars from the government to, you know, pay his employees during this economic downturn...

... but not until he bought himself a $318k LAMBORGHINI.

For those who don't know, a LAMBO is a SUPERCAR in every sense of the word. Hand-crafted. It's fast. They're like individually numbered. They're the stuff of the uber-rich.

Or... of those who just scored a bunch of "stimulus" from the federal government which they didn't use... for stimulus.

How does this even happen??

Read the story above for more...

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