#WORK | Study Finds American workers want THIS over a raise? Do you agree?

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Okay, this is a great story from our 'SHOW PREP' and let me tell you why...

I really believe that sometimes, getting time OFF is better than getting a pay bump. Why? Because time off... has value.

It could be additional vacation time... or, as I like to call it now, P-T-O... because some people hear that word "vacation" and they catch some sort of feels for whatever reason. It could be additional comp time... or it could be the inclusion of "personal days" which aren't vacation days or sick days... but are nonetheless days you can use for the reasons you need to take care of you.

The bottom line: Things your company can give you which give YOU the chance to life your best life... have value. And, yes, they may be above and beyond what they give to everyone else... and if you get these, good for you... because you deserve 'em...

... and you've gotta know your worth... which may be worth above and beyond whatever your primary "job" may be...

... never forget that.

Now, here's the story from our #ShowPrep... which is industry speak for "an amalgamation of things to talk about delivered each morning..."

While nobody doesn’t like getting a pay raise, a new survey finds that a lot of people would prefer a different perk from their employer. 

A new poll finds:

  • 57% of Americans say getting an extra day off each month for “life admin” tasks would be preferable to a 10% pay bump each year.
  • They’d use that day on such tasks as paying bills, making appointments and more.
  • Among the worst life admin tasks:
    • Responding to messages and emails (31%)
    • Making phone calls (31%)
    • Reaching out to customer service (27%)
    • Updating their planner (26%)
    • Organizing files (26%)
  • Even if they don’t get one, 46% of people say they already take an unpaid life admin day.
  • Gen Xer’s are the most likely generation to have already taken such a day (54%) 

And it seems such life admin tasks are proving hard for some people.

  • 67% of people say they find themselves easily overwhelmed by them.
  • 57% tend to procrastinate about doing them, even if they take just a few minutes.
  • Tasks they are most likely to procrastinate about:
    • Making medical appointments (37%)
    • Renewing an ID or license (34%)
    • Scheduling a haircut (31%)
    • Updating or writing a will (31%)

Source: SWNS Digital