Congratulations To Our $5K Teachers' Lounge Winner Belvedere Middle School!

Some of the most influential people in our children's lives are the teachers so Valentine in the Morning makes it a point to give back to them. As they educate our children everyday, the one place that they can go to as their "getaway" is the teachers' lounge. The only problem is that the teachers' lounge isn't always the most luxurious so we wanted to reward them with a $5,000 teachers' lounge makeover. 1043MYfm and Valentine in the Morning teamed up with Living Spaces to give the teachers in your community what they deserve and that's a refurnished teachers' lounge!

You nominated and voted for your school every day and one lucky school was the winner. The 2019 Valentine in the Morning Teachers' Lounge Makeover winner is Belvedere Middle School in Los Angeles!

Wendy Cortez is a Social Studies teacher at Belvedere who nominated her school and she described the current teachers' lounge situation as:

"It's a little non existent. We don't really have one unless you count the one table with 4 chairs where we make our coffee a teachers' lounge. We have the space for a lounge, we just have to make the space into a lounge."

Valentine in the Morning visited Belvedere Middle School to drop off the big $5,000 check and received a warm welcome from the students and staff. Belvedere Middle School brought out all of the stops for Valentine in the Morning with a big pep rally held in the auditorium with the entire school. Not only was there a drum line, but the students even made 1043MYfm and Valentine in the Morning signs. The students were ecstatic for their teachers to get their teachers' lounge makeover! The best part is that you can see how positive the teachers impact each and everyone of these students.

After the pep-rally, the whole Valentine in the Morning went to go visit the Teachers' Lounge to see the exact room that Wendy described for us on the radio. Wendy wasn't exaggerating when she said that they have the space, but just don't really have what you would call a "teacher's lounge." The teacher's told Valentine in the Morning that their time to themselves is just a few minutes here and there in between classes and breaks where they can get their coffee. You can see the before photos from the Belvedere Teachers' Lounge below:

Congratulations to Belvedere Middle School for being our 2019 $5,000 Teachers' Lounge Makeover winners! We can't wait to see the new lounge they put together with the help of Living Spaces! You can see the footage from our school visit below:

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